What’s the difference between a manufactured home, a mobile home, and a modular home?

A key to understanding today’s manufactured home is distinguishing it from other homes that are, or have been, constructed in a factory. Most homes produced in a factory are comprised of three-dimensional modules. These modules are transported to a home site and installed on a state approved foundations or support systems. California law clearly distinguishes amount the types of homes produced in a factory by the building code to which the home must comply.

Manufactured Home
The manufactured home is constructed to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, a uniform building standard administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code). Over 97 percent of all homes constructed in California factories meet this code.

Factory-Built Homes
Often called “modular” homes, factory-built homes are constructed to comply with the California Administrative Code. About three percent of all factory homes produced in California meet this code.

Mobile Homes
These homes were constructed to comply with standards enforced by the State of California prior to June 15, 1976, when the federal preemptive HUD Code became effective. Mobile homes have not been constructed since this date.

  1. Lisa Harris Reply

    Thank you for your kind comments. We truly appreciate all customer feedback. We’re working hard to dispel common misperceptions about manufactured homes. Please let us know if there was any information you couldn’t find on our website or blog. Again,Thank you! We hope to see you at our showcase of homes in Manteca.

  2. Ajay Reply

    I live in a double wide mafunactured home and as a handyman who works on mafunactured homes and site built homes I can say that mafunactured homes are built as well as if not better than some site built homes I have worked on. I suppose that is because of the federal regulations that apply to mafunactured homes that don’t apply to site built homes.

    • Lisa Haworth-Harris Reply

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. We agree!

  3. Millie Hue Reply

    Thanks for explaining the differences between these types of homes, and what got me was the manufactured home. I found it interesting when you said that it is a type of home that meets the uniform building standards that is mandated by the HUD code. It will really give me a peace of mind that my house will be a safe one. I have been researching for an information like this because I am planning to buy myself a house once my business proposal has been approved. The first thing that I want to do, of course, is to invest. Thanks!

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