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Why consider a manufactured home?

Increased reliance on factory production has resulted in major changes in the efficiency of housing construction. Even site-builders today are routinely using prefabricated wall panels, pre-hung doors, windows, pre-assembled stairs, roof trusses and cabinets. Advantages of factory con
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Where can I place my manufactured home?

Single-Site Occupancy Many manufactured homes are indistinguishable from their site-built counterparts in construction and appearance. In California, over 60 percent of new manufactured homes sold are sited on lots in urban, suburban or rural neighborhoods. Facilitating this opportuni
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What’s the difference between a manufactured home, a mobile home, and a modular home?

A key to understanding today’s manufactured home is distinguishing it from other homes that are, or have been, constructed in a factory. Most homes produced in a factory are comprised of three-dimensional modules. These modules are transported to a home site and installed on a state a
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How does the construction of a manufactured home compare to a site built home?

Manufactured homes are the only homes which must satisfy a stringent federal building code. The Housing and Urban Development(HUD) Manufactured Housing Safety and Construction Standards are your assurance of a safe, well-built home. These standards cover structural design, constructio
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